International volunteers:

Our association works on the restoration of old castles and other French historic buildings. We are open all year round, not only in the summers.
You can discover France by volunteering in the restoration of its historical heritage at the “Abbaye Royale du Moncel” 5 rue du Moncel 60700 Pontpoint.

In order to participate, experience or a degree aren’t necessary – all that is required is motivation.
This is a way for you to discover France: its culture, its language and its architectural heritage. You can participate in the restoration of a historic monument and bring it back to life. This is a leisurely activity in which you learn how to use your hands and acquire basic techniques while having fun and doing something useful at the same time.

You can participate from anywhere between 15 days to 9 months.
From September to June, participation fee will be 270 Euros regardless of the duration of your stay. This fee includes accommodation, food and insurance and your membership fee (minimum of your stay: 15 days). Only for 18+ y.o.

In July and August: Participation fee is 16 euros per day and 30 Euros for the insurance (once). During summer time, our workcamps are mainly open for youths from 14yo to 20yo.
There are many activities to choose from such as manual work (stone carving, building…) or administrative work should you choose to stay for at least 1 month (setting up a festival or a fair, preparation of an exhibit, research…). You can even participate in the public interest aspects of the site (guiding, communication…).

Every year we welcome youths, students and adults who wish to spend time altogether differently from their everyday life.
The abbey of Moncel is 40 min by train from Paris (Train station: “Gare du Nord” in Paris to train station “Pont Sainte Maxence” then it’s a 20 minutes’ walk through the city.

If you are interested, please, send us the answers to the following questions to our email: :

  • How old are you?
  • What is your nationality?
  • Can you do manual work (no heavy lifting required)?
  • Do you speak French? (it’s not mandatory)
  • Have you ever visited France before?
  • Have you already done this kind of occupation?
  • When would you be free to come and for how long?
  • What is the purpose of your involvement?